by Aerhalev

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Aerhalev's First Full Length Album.

Aerhalev is a music project created by singer, composer and illustrator Alev.

It's a classical music project which, combining music and art takes you to a dark and magical journey.


released October 25, 2015

All songs composed and performed by Alev
except Shadows in Silence (piano composed by Daniel Padrón).
Produced and mixed by Alev and Alex Irae.
Artwork, design and video created by Alev Art.
© 2015 Aerhalev.
Unauthorized copying, hiring, lending, public performance and broadcasting of this recording prohibited.


all rights reserved



Aerhalev Stockholm, Sweden

Music project created by singer and composer Alev

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Track Name: The Last Tree
This damn cold blood
ruling my thoughts

Don't let me ever disappear
I feel it coming to my mind

It wants my body, wants my life

Ancestor's acts try to change me

My darkened mind begins to doubt

When I am you I don't want to be

Let me go far away from here,
please let me live

I am alone again. Who am I?

I wanted this again, I'm a ghost?

You cannot see me then, I'm so lost

No one is left for me, no one is there


I think I'm falling down again

Something is killing what is left...

©Aerhalev 2015
Track Name: Shadows in Silence
Years of sacrifice and contemplation
Love and dedication
Fighting for a purpose, your reason to live
The things you learned and forged your dreams
How can it be they all turned to shadows in silence?

All the ones you cared for,
all you ever believed
Gone and broken, now and forever
you're awake at last and it's great
so you can live the rest aware
and never ever fall again

Grasp now what it's real
No word will ever save you
no one will ever care
your forsaken world has turned black
Those days will never come back

So breathe, breathe
when you have your stories
you are never alone
we're leaving to another place
reading the shadows in silence

Living in a dreamland
I would never be hurt
Take me there and I'll rule forever
I've created the strangest world
no one could ever understand
so what do I care for loneliness?

©Aerhalev 2015
Track Name: Iced Love
You knew this would happen
I know I made the wrong choice
And hurt you so much
I tried to tell you in so many ways
I never left your side
Just to see if someday you would forgive me and...
Time passed, we think we have someone for us
But everything is wrong
And I can't understand
why you don't seem to notice

The Flame, a flame was born when we met
Now I realize I always wanted you
I needed only you
I know you think of me
For once admit this is meant to be

The pain I caused came back for me
It burns and I just can't tell you
I'll wait and wait, do you know that?
I'll never leave, I'll never ask of you anything in change

The flame, a flame will be always yours
Till the day I die, I'll always want you
I'll always need only you
I know you think of me
I can't confess but this was meant to be

The pain's still here it will remain
and burn and I just won't tell you
I'll wait and wait hope that you'll come someday
I'll never leave and never ask of you anything in change

©Aerhalev 2015
Track Name: Ghost Muses
Do you think I'm really meant for you,
that I'm supposed to wait for you forever?
While you live your life and never see me...
You give me drops of light so I won't fall into oblivion
and keep me hoping for the love you'd give
Promises meant to be broken
Day by day I feel I will disappear

I have been dead many times because of you
I dream while you are awake
You make me think you fly with me but do you, really?
You like the game, take all and leave me with nothing
Alone in my world which might never meet you

What do I do with all this pieces that never seem to fit the puzzle?
Can I forget? or at least keep it all safe,
locked away and silence your lies.
Play the game that you like when I still feel the pain
and long for the days you were with me
I will remember the magic, it's safe inside my mind
whether you felt it or not, won't matter anymore

Do you think you would remember me,
when I decide to disappear forever?
While you lived your life and never saw me...
Your promises and words were not enough to keep me breathing
and I stopped hoping for the love you'd give
All my muses are now gone
Day by day I see the ghost remains

©Aerhalev 2015
Track Name: August 25
There was a time not long time ago
Life had no meaning nor did I have a purpose
Every day was the same, everything was gray
There was no laugh, there was no love
The fun was gone and I was left alone

Then you came to me and opened my mind
You widened my world like you've done before
You were always near to give me some light
And then I knew our worlds were one

And if it wasn't for you I wouldn't live at all
And if it wasn't for you I wouldn't dream anymore
You even brought back my muse, just look at what you've done
All those worlds of creation wouldn't exist without you

And if it wasn't for you I wouldn't live at all
And if it wasn't for you I wouldn't dream anymore
You even brought back my muse and look at what you've done
All those worlds of creation wouldn't exist without you

We know it isn't easy to make the path we walk
But having you in my life is the greatest reward

©Aerhalev 2015
Track Name: Transition
I never thought life would be so cruel
living within images of fantasy's core
I never realized what was going on
Hoping for forever till magic would come

Now I see much better I'd rather be blind
To this world's infection rotting our souls
The magic has vanished, we killed it ourselves
The innocence's gone, we wanted it that way

What would save us now? after all we've done
Love, compassion were our hope
Now we're taught to hate if we want to survive
And kill everything that's given us life

Every moment passing and many more of us
We try to be someone, try to be known
selfishness and envy consuming our hearts
how could we leave anything important behind?

You fled from this world, the wisest of us
you taught us to fight through this life and evolve
Wishing we would be as strong as you were
That we'd mark this world just as you have done

Every step hurts like hell
Every tear shed in vain
Why do we live in pain?
Why did we choose this way?

©Aerhalev 2015
Track Name: Black Trees
Sometimes I look back and feel a great void
I cannot pretend that I don't care
too fast to notice I was leaving
now it's all behind
you, the black trees,

Those days are forever engraved in my mind
the beauty discovered, the new life unfolding
Leaving the darkness, learning and feeling for real

This song is for you, my black trees,
we can't be forgotten, our bond never broken
the best memories are the ones forever I'll keep,
you are part of my life, always in my heart

Being young, sad, lost and angry
we can't see that we're actually living
before we notice, it is all gone
and we're left alone, longing for the fun

Sometimes I fly, with the moon, the mirror
make sure you're safe, whisper a farewell
faces and laughter come to my dreams
I still hear your voices when I'm awake

This song is for you, my black trees,
we can't be forgotten, our bond never broken
the best memories are the ones I keep,
you are part of my life, always in my heart

©Aerhalev 2015
Track Name: The Storm
For many years I've tried
to fight the dark that lies inside
Strange thoughts and emotions
telling me something's wrong
and there is nowhere to hide...

Like everyone else
I have my own demons
they come to me when a storm is around
then they take everything from me
and leave me empty in the dark

After many many battles
Losing more than I can remember
I have come to know them

You won't get what you want this time...

I've chosen to live my life
You will not enter my mind
At last, I'm strong enough to stand against you,
defeat you and move on

Today I opened my eyes
and felt the peace inside
I am safe and free
I've kept all my dreams
They,re gone, they've vanished

©Aerhalev 2015

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